proven winners hydrangeas in Pittsburgh

City Line Series


The City Line series are compact and disease resistant. No pruning needed! Discover a large variety of Proven Winners hydrangeas in Pittsburgh for your garden.

Quick Fire and Pinky Winky


These two panicle hydrangeas start out white and turn to red. Excellent fall color and reliable bloomers.

Limelight and Little Lime


These large flowered favorites are excellent for mass plantings. They start out lime green and change to white, pink, and finally burgundy.

Other wonderful Hydrangeas

Oakleaf and Pee Wee Hydrangea


One of the tallest hydrangeas used for blocking unwanted views. Reliable white flowers. Large oak leaf shaped leaves.

Climbing Hydrangea


Growing 30-80' tall, these climbers tolerate sun or partial shade. 

Endless Summer


Plant in full morning sun with dappled shade in the afternoon. No pruning needed. Mound mulch around base to protect flower buds.

Learn about hydrangeas

Hydrangea Plant List

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