Hanging baskets in Pittsburgh


We design and create our own baskets. Available in the spring at an affordable price!

In 2019 we created over 2,500 unique baskets!  We are already planning new designs for 2020!


Create your own!

Design your own basket full of color. Ask our staff in March for help and for a small fee, we will design something unique for you. 


Which basket to choose?

Don't get hung up on which basket to select. Our modern greenhouses provide 100s of healthy sun or shade loving decorative containers and economical baskets. For the most unique designs of hanging baskets in Pittsburgh, don't delay!

Did you know? In April you can tag a basket and we will hold it for you until mid-May pick-up.

Hanging Baskets at Michael Brothers

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Trimming your baskets

Check out this great video on how to keep your baskets and pots blooming all summer long!

Baskets can stop blooming for these reasons:

1. Over watering or under watering. See our video in the Learning Center.

2. They run out of food. Fertilize each week with liquid feed or use a time release fertilizer.

3. The bud worm eats the blossoms. See our Learning Center for info.