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Watering Tips! Click on the play button to get watering tips for your baskets and pots.  Click on "YouTube" to subscribe to our channel. See links below for gardening education in Pittsburgh.

Trimming Pots and Baskets for Blooms all Summer

The Life of a Pepper Plant

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Superbells, Million Bells, and Callies are all names for this beautiful family of plants called Calibrachoa (cal-li-bra-cho-a). Michael Brothers grows 40 varieties of what are generally called Callies. Often confused with petunias, Callie flowers are smaller and the plants don't get as large. From Proven Winners Superbells with superior disease resistance to the Aloha series with large bright tropical colors; our plants are healthy and perfect for combinations or a stand alone feature. The mini famous series is a double flower and finally the Callie series has a large selection on color. When looking for varieties in our Annual Plant List, look under Calibrachoa. 

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Learn how to make a Fairy Garden

We supply everything you need for one price. Join us for scheduled workshops or plan your own. Minimum 10 people.

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