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Watering Tips! Click on the play button to get watering tips for your baskets and pots.  Click on "YouTube" to subscribe to our channel. See links below for gardening education in Pittsburgh.

Trimming Pots and Baskets for Blooms all Summer


To control the budworm, look for their evidence early. Obvious small holes on your flowers and droppings on leaves, especially on petunias and callies.  If not controlled, eventually your beautiful plant will stop blooming. Budworms are controlled by Thuricide (natural bacteria) or Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew, available at Michael Brothers. Be proactive with these eco-friendly products.
* photo courtesy of Kansas State University 


Bagworms on your evergreen trees and shrubs can often be mistaken for small pine cones. The larvae live inside their "bags" and are very destructive to foliage. Late summer is the time to remove them by hand picking before the larvae hatch. Carry a bag with you as you walk around your garden and remove from your landscape. 

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