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Trimming Pots and Baskets for Blooms all Summer


Bagworms on your evergreen trees and shrubs can often be mistaken for small pine cones. The larvae live inside their "bags" and are very destructive to foliage. Late summer is the time to remove them by hand picking before the larvae hatch. Carry a bag with you as you walk around your garden and remove from your landscape. 

Why won't my petunia's bloom?


The Budworm

If you see these chew marks and flowering slows down considerably, suspect the budworm is at work! They love plants such as petunias, callies, potato vine and creeping jenny. 

For an organic control use Bt, a natural bacteria that wont allow the worm to grow. Spray one to two times per week.

For a one time application, use a systemic insecticide.  

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Prevent Tomato Blight


  1.  Stake plants to prevent disease spread. 
  2. Mulch with straw to reduce water splashing on leaves. 
  3. Remove yellow leaves from plant immediately. 
  4. Spray with Fungonil for preventive measures or use natural bacteria Serenade after it appears

fairy garden workshops


Learn how to make a Fairy Garden

We supply everything you need for one price. Join us for scheduled workshops or plan your own. Minimum 10 people.

Gardening Education in pittsburgh